CONCORD LOCATION OFFERING: Take advantage of unlimited swimming and request the Unlimited option when registering for group lessons in our Concord location. Depending upon which option you choose, you will be assigned 1 or 2 perpetual “home base” class(es) each week. The “home base” class(es) are your guaranteed class spot(s) each week and also where an instructor will be evaluating progress and graduation readiness of unlimited students. In addition to the “home base” class, you will have access to an unlimited number of “like” classes each month. Simply contact the school via phone, email or the Unlimited Form in the Self Service section of the website to book additional classes as available.

Unlimited Swim is a fantastic choice for those with time and a desire to accelerate the learning process. For a slightly increased fee per month, you will be able to add an unlimited amount of additional classes per day / week / month (as you desire and as we have available). Keeping a perpetual “home base” class(es) guarantees the consistency of one same class each week with an instructor who knows your child and will monitor their progress towards graduation. If one week, you are unable to take more classes due to your hectic schedule, you can rest assured that you always have your “home base” class space held for you each week. More water time means faster progress, more physical activity and better fitness throughout the year. This is a deal you don’t want to miss!


  1. Once registered as an unlimited student, contact the school via phone at 866-633-4147 OR by using the Concord Unlimited Form in the Self Service section of the website to reserve your spot in any available “like” class for the current day or following 4 days in advance. Class space is booked on a first come, first serve basis and will be booked in the order received.

  1. All classes booked, both perpetual and unlimited, must be cancelled by 9 AM the day of the scheduled class in order to remain in the Unlimited program. Contact the school via the Report An Absence Form in the Self Service section. With Concord Unlimited, a class that has not been cancelled will be subject to a $10 “no-show” fee. In order for this program to work, AquaTech must know if you will not be attending a class you have previously booked.

  1. The Withdrawal Form must be completed in order to withdraw from the Concord Unlimited program. All withdrawals are due by no later than 12 PM (noon) on the final day of each month to avoid billing on the 1st of the month. This form can be found in the Self Service section of the website.

  1. There are no credits or financial refunds.

  1. Unlimited classes are non-transferable to any other student besides the registered unlimited student.


$140/month = 1 perpetual “home base” lesson per week + unlimited option

$190/month = 2 perpetual “home base” lessons per week + unlimited option

Ask for the Unlimited option at the time of registration. Try it for 1 month, on an on-going basis or seasonally when you have time – what ever works best for you!